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About Our Training

Tourism Works combines high-quality video production with online interactive assessments to produce a cutting-edge training experience.

Through this program you are able to:

  • develop your professional skills through focused, competency-based training.
  • customize training around your busy schedule with our user-friendly, mobile delivery platform.
  • expand your critical thinking and problem-solving skills through engaging eLearning activities and assessments.
  • gain a better understanding of current industry needs, trends, challenges and opportunities.
  • access supplementary resources and materials, such as templates (folios, budgets, frequency schedules, etc), glossaries, and other online documents.

Certification Opportunities*

Tourism Works offers two streams of certification. The Operations Certification offers front-line workers the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance performance in all areas of service excellence. The Management Certification provides a more critical study of advanced topics such as business modelling, team management, budgeting, and day-to-day operations.

Industry Relevance

We consult with industry experts to ensure that current trends and challenges of the hospitality and tourism industries are being carefully represented in our curriculum. Our training is constantly updated to make sure that content remains fresh and relevant.


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Take the Time to Invest In Your Career

Whether you’re looking to improve your current skillset or are interested in learning something new, Tourism Works has excellent content to help you advance your career in the hospitality and tourism industries


Select and target the playlists that suit your needs or areas of interest.

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Gain access to all of our video playlists and eLearning activities for a one-time fee.

Train your Staff

Take the Time to Invest In Your Business

Providing your staff with opportunities for growth and advancement shows that your business is a great place to work. Showcasing for them the latest skills and knowledge of the industry means that they will be able to deliver better service to your guests.


Select and target the playlists that suit your needs or areas of interest.



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*Additional fees apply. See “Certification Criteria” for further details.